Rare Earth Studio


Rare Earth Studio/Gallery  opened in October, 2013 when Ken and Carolyn moved from Washington state to the historic southern Arizona town of Tubac, south of Tucson and twenty miles from the Mexican border.  Rare Earth Studio is a dream that both artists have had for many years; a place to work and to show their work.

Both their palettes contain the warm, bright colors and images of the southwest. Ken composes high resolution and detailed panoramic landscapes.  Carolyn  paints abstracts in both oil and acrylic, some based on the surrounds, some inspired by the greater universe and readings in the ancient wisdom tradition.


Develop interest in life as you see it; people,places, literature, music.  The world is so rich, simply throbbing with treasures, beautiful souls and amazing places. Forget yourself”.  H. Miller

Ken Wayland, photography

Carolyn Wayland, painting

North Rim Grand Canyon